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Introducing Sour Special Sauce, bred by the legendary breeders responsible for Lifter, Hawaiian & Honolulu Haze, Special Sauce, and the original Sour Space Candy. Part of the exclusive "Sour" line, this variety was limited and selectively grown for the 2020 season. Sour Special Sauce is bred with the popular high-THC strain "GG#4 (Gorilla Glue)" rather than "ERB (Early Resin Berry) in comparison to regular Sour Space Candy. This creates a variety with more gas & diesel undertones to the terpene profile rather than a sweet berry.

Sour Special Sauce tests in the upper percentile of overall cannabinoids, with a strong gassy and earthy terpene profile. Sour Special Sauce is also high in the rare cannabinoid, CBDv.

  • Total Cannabinoids: 21.63%
  • CBD: 15.55%
  • CBDv: 0.60%
  • THCa: 0.69%
  • Δ9 THC: <LOQ
  • Terpenes: 3.18%
  • Hybrid
  • Feel: Calm, Relaxing, Comfort
  • Genotype: Sour Special Sauce (Special Sauce x GG#4)
  • Phenotype: Sour Special Sauce