Herban Legend (Smalls) Lifter

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Small Buds Only

These small nuggets are sourced from the same flower as our large buds. Now, you can Grind, Roll, or pack your own, with little to no waste with these little beauties.

The Lifter CBD hemp flower strain is a staple among all hemp flowers. Produced by Oregon CBD, Lifter and its “goldilocks” buds carry a pungent, yet sweet and fruity scent. Lifter is glistening with an incredible trichome production covering its bold green buds. The flavor is sweet funk, with a hint of citrus and blueberry, making it perfect for any time of day.

Total Cannabinoids: 20.58%
Total CBD: 17.43%
Total THC: 0.76%
THC-A: 0.87%