Herban Legend Hawaiian Haze (Smalls)

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Small Buds Only

These small nuggets are sourced from the same flower as our large buds. Now, you can Grind, Roll, or pack your own, with little to no waste with these little beauties.

Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower is a wonderful hybrid hemp strain, with its flowers carrying a heightened aroma of lemon, pineapple, mango, and a hint of chamomile.  This tropical CBD hemp strain delivers a smooth fruity taste that is both elevating and soothing.  With its strong terpene profile of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, Hawaiian Haze is great for social events or daytime use.

Total Cannabinoids: 26.07%
Total CBD: 22.11%
Total THC: 0.92%
THC-A: 1.04%