Everything You Want To Know About Delta-8-THC But Are Afraid To Ask

Everything You Want To Know About Delta-8-THC But Are Afraid To Ask

What is Delta-8-THC?

Delta-8-THC is a variant form of THC found in small concentrations in the cannabis plant. Processors extract the cannabinoid and concentrate it to therapeutic levels. 

Is Delta-8-THC medicinal? 

Yes! Delta-8-THC is used for a variety of symptoms including pain relief, appetite stimulation, nausea, anxiety. It even protects brain cells!

What are the effects of Delta-8-THC?

The effects of the Delta-8-THC cannabinoid are described as similar to traditional Delta-9-THC but have been described as less intense, though still powerful, offering the user a calm focus.

How would someone describe Delta-8-THC?

"Delta 8 gives a very clear-headed, engaged high, with zero anxiety or fogginess. I feel more “in tune” and less impaired than when I consume delta 9. My vision and other senses almost feel heightened, or crisper. Really phenomenal for hiking and biking. In fact, for most purposes, I would rather consume delta 8 than other cannabinoids." 

How is Delta-8-THC created?

Like all other main cannabinoids found in cannabis, Delta-8-THC is synthesized from cannabigerolic acid or CBGA, the acidic form of CBG. Often referred to as "cannabis' stem cell", CBGA is the parent molecule responsible for producing a number of other cannabinoids including THCA, which is synthesized in mature cannabis from this stem cell molecule. When the plants are harvested and exposed to heat or UV light, the THCA they contain is decarboxylated, losing a CO2 molecule and becoming delta-9-THC – or simply THC – after which it is transformed into delta-8-THC by oxidation.

Is Delta-8-THC legal?

Below is an excerpt from a very informative article written by cannabis attorney Rod Knight. Read the entire article here

"Here is a quick legal summary of current United States law:

  • All cannabinoids derived from marijuana are schedule 1 controlled substances under federal law but are lawful under the laws of some states.
  • THCA derived from hemp is not a controlled substance; however, its concentrations will be taken into account for pre-harvest hemp testing starting in October 2020. It is plainly lawful in post-harvest hemp and hemp products; however, due to misunderstandings by law enforcement and current testing methods employed by crime labs, it may play a role in determining whether post-harvest hemp and hemp products are deemed lawful since THCA converts to Delta-9-THC when heated using a gas chromatography testing method.
  • Delta-9-THC derived from hemp is not a controlled substance when in concentrations that do not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis.
  • Delta-8-THC, THCP, and THCV are not controlled substances when derived from hemp."